Small Business Auto Attendant

Home & Small Business Auto Attendant Phone System with Virtual Phone Numbers. Built for the small and large Business!

Sign up and start using your virtual phone number in minutes. No Hidden Fees No activation or cancellation fees plus no-hassle online cancellation. Call Forwarding If you don’t want a voice menu, simply forward your calls  to a number of your choice. Toll Free Numbers, get one or more toll free virtual phone numbers for your business.  Add more phone numbers anytime. Local Numbers get one or more US or Canadian local virtual phone numbers for your business. No Hardware to needed, your existing mobile phone or land line is all you need to setup your the service.

Voice Menus, for example, “Press 1 for Sales, press 2 for Customer Service, enter your party’s extension at any time.”

Easy Menu Making, record it over the phone, on a computer, on a smartphone or upload a WAV or MP3 file or just email it to us!

After Hours Greeting, use a different message or auto attendant menu options after business hours.

Scheduled Greetings, use different messages or menu options at different times throughout the day and week.

Unlimited Extensions, transfer callers to your existing phones.  Use as many as you like.

On Hold / Off Hold, Use your virtual phone system to place your callers on or off hold.

Music on Hold, Use the default music or upload your own selection for your auto attendant.

Call Transfer, Transfer a caller from one extension to another extension or to another phone number.

Call Queues, Route callers to a customer service queue.  Queues can be handled by one or more extensions.

Caller ID, See your callers’ phone numbers.  Use a toll free number to prevent callers from blocking their Caller ID.

Call Screening, See Caller ID before answering. Outbound Caller ID, Place calls with your Grandstream App virtual phone number as your Caller ID. (may need support to help setup)

Call Blocking, Block callers by specific phone number, area code, prefix or other. Free Number Porting, Bring your existing phone number to us.  If later you decide to leave, take it with you.

Unlimited Voicemail,  as many voicemail boxes as you need.  Voicemail boxes can be shared by extensions or unique to an extension. Email Notification, receive email & text when your number is called and or missed call.

Call Reporting, view call and extension reports online, print or download.

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